National EMS Week to be Celebrated May 15-21


National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week will be celebrated this year from May 15 through May 21.

Most EMS staff in Kittitas County are unpaid first responders or emergency medical technicians who volunteer for Basic Life Support organizations.  In Upper Kittitas County, the only Advanced Life Support organization is Upper Kittitas County Medic One.  Advanced Life Support organizations have a paramedic ready to respond to life-threatening emergencies at all times.  Paramedics have the highest level of training among emergency responders.

“The response provided by EMS can be critical to the survival of patients who experience a medical emergency,” said Floyd Rogalski, President of the Board of Commissioners for Kittitas County Public Hospital District No. 2.  “Our residents showed their strong support of our EMS responders in February 2016, and we thank them for their support.”

In February 2016, voters of Kittitas County Public Hospital District No. 2 approved a permanent property tax levy for emergency medical services (EMS) of 25 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation.  This levy supports the operation of Upper Kittitas County Medic One ambulance services, including staff, ambulances, supplies, and facilities in upper Kittitas County.  User fees pay for less than half of the cost to operate the ambulance service.  The rest is covered by the EMS levy.

Please join Kittitas County Public Hospital District No. 2 in thanking the volunteer and career first responders of Kittitas County during National EMS Week.